Friday, April 15, 2011

Molly WIP 1

Decided to start a new character based on some old book cover art by Robh Ruppel. The character reminded me a lot of Molly Millions from Neuromancer, one of my favourite William Gibson novels. I started a traditional sculpt of her a long while ago, but never properly finished it. My portfolio was in desperate need of some female anatomy - here is the first set of WIPs!


  1. Nice sculpt.

    Some critiques:
    Her arms are way too short the elbow needs to line up with her belly button. If it doesn't she'll look really disproportionate.

    Breasts of that size will pull just slightly against the skin at the upper third of the sternum creating a very fine "line" as drawn.

    the top of her pelvis seems a smidge to high.

    A slightly softer belly bellow her belly button will keep her feeling feminine. Remember that that part of her belly will tuck in slightly just above her pubic bone and then from there down it will be flat or bump out slightly. (see the second image for what I mean)

    that line (3) in her back is super creepy looking.

    In general unless you're going for a woman how could break you in half try and keep the shapes softer ...

  2. Amigo Sheridan... Adorei o trabalho. A modelagem ficou perfeita e muito sensual, parabéns!

    Estou com este novo blog, ok?

    Grande prazer e muito sucesso para você! Sou fã do seu trabalho.

    Do amigo, Emerson Fialho